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Lincoln Tower

How We Got Started in the Flagpole Business

In 1996 a flag was hung up at the top of the Lincoln Tower on the decorative at 60’ pole. The trick was that the pole was on the top of one of the tallest buildings in Fort. Wayne, Indiana.

To get to the pole you’d have to open a hatch on the dome of the roof, lasso the pole, tie off and use ascenders. JHH was the second call, the first was to a high angle rescue team and they said to call John Hamrick, “He can do it.”

This was to be our first flagpole climb and the beginning of servicing flagpoles and communication towers.

About JHH Founder, John Hamrick

Professional Experience:
• Over 15 years as a firefighter in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area
• Business Owner – Communication Tower repair and demolition
• Business Owner – Extreme flag pole repair & maintenance
• Construction worker in home building
• 24 Years SUCA diving; full-cave diving
• SCUBA instructor and trip coordinator

John Hamrick is a complex individual. His vision of developing an organization that could help people, utilize his ideals on life and learned skills has resulted in TEAM R&R. From an early age John’s father instilled a mindset of achievement through the development of physical skill and mental endurance, the stage was set for success.

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